Koska. Because.
Random, yet purposeful, self-expression through the art of photography. All photos are taken during my personal travels.

Kiev, Ukraine (Fall 2013)
Copenhagen, Denmark (Spring 2014)
Abu Dhabi, UAE (Winter 2014)
Copenhagen, Denmark (Spring 2014)
Flying over Istanbul, Turkey (Summer 2014)
Silhouette of a bull on stilts in Marseille, France (Summer 2014)
La Defense in Paris, France (Summer 2014)
Rooftops in Uppsala, Sweden (Spring 2014)
Apartment blocks in Kallio disctrict - Helsinki, Finland (Spring 2014)
Église Saint-Laurent in Marseille, France (Summer 2014)
Crazy tourists at the Louvre in Paris, France (Summer 2014)
Києво-Печерська Лавра (Monastery of the Caves) in Kiev, Ukraine (Fall 2013)
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE (Spring 2014)
Monastery of the Caves in Kiev, Ukraine (Fall 2013)
Skyline of Istanbul, Turkey (Spring 2012)